Some years back, well experienced professionals from the oil industry started RIGEL SERVICES, with a vision to become part of the growth boom in the world Maritime and Onshore/Offshore Oil Energy Industry.

RIGEL SERVICES, like our name-sake, the blue-white star in the constellation Orion, is known for its bright shining intensity.

Till the last quarter of 2014, RIGEL SERVICES was a partnership firm, but as world energy metrics changed, and with the trust of corporate partners, we have joined together with the intent to grow at a rapid yet sustainable speed.

This concept created the foundation for SunRIgel Oil Services.

Following this cosmetic change to its former name, it will henceforth be known as 'SunRigel Oil Services Private Limited'.

The experienced directors and corporate partners will be providing the same expertise and sound advice. As Shakespeare said “what’s in a name?" We believe and are passionate about our work vision, quality, analysis, and timely execution of projects in all fields of the Maritime & Onshore/Offshore Oil energy sectors.

Under the current government directive of "Make in India project" - we help foreign entities locate business opportunities and set up support facilities in India, as well as provide guidance to ensure their success and continued expansion in the Indian Sub-continent.

We advise and solicit for price preference in tender bids, based on our Customers advanced technology, and the sustainable quality of their products and services.